How Bible Covers Are Made

You know that the Bible is God’s Word, telling us the story of how Jesus rescued us from all the bad stuff we’ve done. But have you ever thought of your own personal Bible as a work of art? Probably not!

Just like God used many people to write the words inside your Bible, He uses graphic designers and artists today to design the outside of the Bible, you know, the Bible covers!

There’s leather bound Bibles that last for years and years, there’s hardcover Bibles that can withstand pets and small children, and there are Bibles with intricate designs to draw you into the beauty within the book.

But who designs all of these different covers, and what’s the process of making them like?

Matt Thompson from Ten Minute Bible Hour talks to Jennifer, a Bible cover designer at Tyndale Publishers, and honestly this video has helped re-inspire my love for reading and holding an actual, physical, real copy of the Bible.

You can see it for yourself:

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