Why did Eve disobey? Question about the Bible

Why did Eve disobey God when she knew that disobeying Him would make her die one day?

Remember Satan, the snake in the Garden of Eden? He lied to Eve and made her believe that disobeying God by eating the fruit wouldn't kill her. It would actually make her wiser, it would make her like God!

That wasn't true, but Eve believed Satan, and so she ate the fruit and gave some to Adam to eat too. That's how sin first started, and ever since then, every person who's been born has been a sinner.

Part of that means you can't get to Heaven to be with God on your own; when you die, you'll be separated from God forever. Unless….

God has a plan to save you!

God doesn't want anybody to go to hell, but He also can't let sin come into Heaven either. That means no one can get into Heaven, right?

God knows this, and so He sent Jesus to Earth to die on the cross. That seems really mean, but since Jesus never sinned, He could die and come back to life, and take everybody's sin away that way.

So now you can ask Jesus to take away your sin. He'll do it, and because of what He did, you can go to Heaven one day to be with Him.

Curious to find out more?

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