Don't be THIS Guy – He's MEAN

Have you ever been made fun of at school? I think we all have. One time another kid took my ball away and made me chase him to get it back. Since I’m not a very fast runner, I couldn’t catch him and he made fun of me for it.

What if you found out that the kid who teased you had been late handing in homework all year long, and then the teacher just forgave him for it! They don’t even have to do the homework anymore!

Does it seem fair to you that someone who’s been so mean had something so good happen to them?

That’s what happens in one of Jesus’ teaching stories, this one’s called the “Parable of the Unforgiving Servant”.

The king forgave the servant of a huge debt, more money than you could make in your whole life. So do you think that servant was a super nice guy after that, and forgave other people? Or do you think he went on and did mean stuff to other people, even though the king did something really nice for him?

Find out:

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