Too Soon – Harvest Week!

In honor of God's changing seasons, we are celebrating Harvest Week with fall-themed stories and crafts for you this week!

Listen to this story here:

“We're harvesting tomatoes today!” Aunt Micki said when Landon and Baleigh arrived. She handed them each a basket. “Be careful to only pick the red ones–the green ones aren't ready yet.”

Baleigh was excited to help in the garden, but Landon sighed as he started picking tomatoes. He'd wanted to stay home by himself while his parents were gone for the day, but they'd said no.

Landon looked over at his sister. “Baleigh,” he exclaimed, “don't pick the green ones!”

“Let's see, Baleigh,” Aunt Micki said as she came to look at what the youngest had picked. “Hmmm…those tomatoes are too green. But that's okay. With a little TLC, we'll still be able to use them.”

“What's TLC?” Landon asked.

“TLC is tender, loving care. Come on inside and I'll show you!” Aunt Micki said. “Baleigh, bring me a paper bag from the hall closet.”

Aunt Micki had the children help her put the tomatoes into the bag. “After being in this closed bag for a few days, these tomatoes will ripen,” she explained. “Without it they wouldn't continue to ripen and would never taste good.”

Aunt Micki looked at Landon. “That's true with our lives, too,” she said. “I know it's hard to wait to do more grown-up things sometimes, but you're not ready for them yet. When we try to do them too soon, we can miss out on some of the blessings and growth we would have had along the way. God wants us to wait for the right time to do things, and for kids that usually means listening to your parents and doing what they say–they know when it might be too soon for you to do something.”

“But you're going to be able to use this tomato after it has some more TLC, arent you?” asked Baleigh.

“Yes!” said Aunt Micki. “And when we do things too soon in life, God will often give us extra love to help us through the problems it may cause. But waiting for His timing in the first place is always the best thing, just like ripening on the vine would have been best for this tomato.” Myrical Barton

Are you content to wait for some things until your parents feel you are ready? Or do you wish they’d let you do them now? Don’t try to grow up too quickly. Just like tomatoes need time to grow before being harvested, you need time to grow before you do certain things. Ask God to help you be content with the things you can do now.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Ecclesiastes 3:1
To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.

TODAY'S KEY THOUGHT: Wait for God’s timing.

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