He CAME BACK from THE DEAD?? Best News Ever on Keys for Kids Radio!


Do you remember the story of Jesus’ friend Lazarus from the Bible? He died but Jesus brought him back to life. Watch the story video below:

The Story


Wow! What a story!

But why did Jesus wait to go to Lazarus and why did He get so sad He cried? Good questions. We know that Jesus loved Lazarus and He loves you too.

But more than that, Jesus wanted to show that He is God’s Son and help people to believe in Him. Only God can raise people from the dead, and when Jesus did it, He showed He was God.

It wasn’t long after that Jesus rose from the dead too! Only God’s Son can do that! Do you believe in Him? Find out how you can when you learn the Good News!

Fun Craft and Game

Let's end this story with a craft and a game to help us remember it:

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