Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

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So Halloween is coming up in a few days, and it can be a great chance to get your hands on some candy! But, it’s not exactly a great Christian holiday, it's pretty much the opposite. 

Halloween actually got started by people a long time ago to worship nature and evil things as if they were god, which our real God really hates when people do that (Exodus 22:18; Acts 8:9-24; Acts 16, 19). 

Around 1,600 years ago, the Christian church tried to take over Halloween by starting “All Saints Day,” a day to remember great Christians from the past and the things they did to build God's Kingdom. It kind of worked, because some people still celebrate All Saints Day now, but not as many as the people who do stuff for Halloween.

So should Christians be a part of Halloween? That's really up to your parents, but a lot of churches have “Trunk or Treat” or “Harvest” parties instead of Halloween parties. That gives them a chance to invite people in their community to have some fun and learn about Jesus instead of witches and ghosts.

It can also be a chance to spread the Gospel to kids in your neighborhood. If your family hands out candy, they can also give Keys for Kids story books that tell what Jesus has done. Just be sure to give them candy too, to show generosity like Jesus did for us ☺️

Finally, whether your family celebrates Halloween or not, remember Philippians 1:27, and act in a way that is worthy of the Gospel and glorifies Jesus. If you dress up in costume and go trick or treating, make sure to say thank you for what you get and only eat the candy your parents say is okay to eat.

Or, if your family doesn't do Halloween, don't talk bad about other people who do, and if someone asks why you don't celebrate Halloween, use it as a chance to tell them about Jesus!

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