Countdown to Christmas: Coming Soon!

Have you heard? Keys for Kids Radio's Countdown to Christmas is chock full of Christmas spirit to help you get ready for the big day. Explore the story of the birth of Jesus with us all December long with incredible musicals and special shows to bring you every perspective of the “silent night”. Angels? Check. Shepherds? Check. Myth-busting, carol-singing, mystery-solving, and veggies singing? Check, check, check, and check. 





1. When and where does the fun begin?

   Right here on our website,, on December 5. You'll still be able to catch Christmas episodes from Down Gilead Lane and others before that though.

2. How can I find the special shows?

   Click or tap right here! That'll bring you to the schedule for the Countdown to Christmas musicals. You'll want to take note that some of the Christmas shows are taking the place of regular shows. 

3. Who should listen?

   You, of course! And any of your friends that like Christmas, presents, snow, stories, carols, talking penguins, singing vegetables, you know, the regular things. All of the shows are picked out carefully to be safe and fun for you and all of your friends and family, no matter what your age.

4. Should I spread the word?

   Sure you can! Not only is it fun to spread around some Christmas cheer (especially to any Scrooges you may know) but you'll also help share the Gospel message of Christmas, which is pretty much the whole reason for Christmas, right?

5. What other fun stuff is going on for the Countdown to Christmas?

   Well, I'm not really supposed to say, but I seem to remember some special coloring pages, Advent calendars, and other fun stuff that you may find this year…You'll have to keep checking What's Up to see if there's anything interesting!

/// Dylan

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