Going Trick or Treating? Try These Tips For More Candy

A few days ago, I asked the question Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? There are good reasons to celebrate Halloween, as well as reasons not to.

So, if your parents have decided it's okay to go trick or treating, try out these tips to get more candy!

1. Choose a Good Costume: Pick a costume that you really like and that's comfortable to wear. When you look awesome, people are more likely to give you extra candy. The cuter your costume is, the more candy you’ll likely receive. This definitely helps younger brothers and sisters 🙂 

2. Choose your candy basket wisely. Pillowcases will hold twice as much candy as a grocery bag, and three times as much as a plastic pumpkin.

3. Start Early: As soon as it gets dark, start trick-or-treating. People tend to be more generous with the good candy earlier in the evening. But you might get more candy towards the end, even if it’s not as good.

4. Trick-or-Treat with Friends: Going with friends can be more fun, and you can cover more houses in less time. Just make sure to stay safe and stick together.

5. Be Polite and Say “Trick or Treat!”: When you approach a house, make sure to say “Trick or Treat!” with a big smile. Be polite and use your manners; it makes a good impression. Say “thank you” when your neighbor gives you candy.

6. Visit Well-Decorated Houses: Houses that are decked out with spooky decorations are often the most generous with candy. They really get into the Halloween spirit!

7. Trade Candy: After you've finished trick-or-treating, consider trading candy with your friends to get your favorite treats.

You should also stay safe while you're trick or treating, so do these couple things too:

1. Go with Mom or Dad. They know all the streets around your neighborhood, and might know who will give away the best candy! 

2. Don’t get lost! Make sure you stay in your neighborhood where you know how to get back home. 

3. Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be out walking a lot and you don’t want to get sore feet, right? 

4. Make sure people can see you, especially cars. Wear bright colors and carry a flashlight if it’s dark.

Follow these ideas, stay safe, and don't eat all your candy in one day! 😀

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