Man Feeds 24,000 Meals to Those in Need

When something bad happens, Mr. Rogers said to look for the helpers.

In Kenya, one of those helpers is a man named Pukaj Shah, who has helped feed over 24,000 meals to the poorest people in his community!

Before coronavirus came to Kenya, he ran safari tours, but when everything shut down a lot of people ran out of food quickly.

He said that one old woman hadn’t eaten anything for days because her sons had no work. They provided her with the food she needed.

Pukaj decided to help. A closed school volunteered their building as a headquarters, and he called in many of his friends to help him.

He accepted food and money donations to put together boxes of meals for families, and then churches and other organizations help him distribute the food to those in need. 

I’m glad to hear some good news! How about you? Watch the video:

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