3 Tips to Make Lunch Time into Fun Time

One of my favorite times of day is lunch time! My wife actually makes my lunch most of the time, for which I am very grateful! Maybe your mom makes your lunch too. 

Do you ever help out with making your lunch? It's a great way to help your parents get ready for the next day, and maybe you'll be able to sneak in an extra cookie 😉

Try out these ideas to pack your lunch every day: 

Look at all the stuff you can put into a taco!Look at all the stuff you can put into a taco!

1. Pick a theme for one day a week, and bring food that go with that theme. Like Taco Tuesday, you can make tacos! Or if you're looking for something that takes a bit less work, you could bring tortilla chips and dip. My favorite is chips and guacamole. 

Blueberries are perfect to fill out your lunchBlueberries are perfect to fill out your lunch

2. Mix up your lunch with different foods like crackers and cheese, grapes and cheese, or carrots and cheese. Mostly, I just really like cheese a lot! Seriously though, having a few different little things to eat for lunch can make it more fun, even if it's not cheese 🙂 

What are you going to do to help make lunch?What are you going to do to help make lunch?

3. Help your parents plan what you’ll have for lunch and put it together with them. That way, you could get more of the foods you like and your parents will like that you're being very helpful.

Try out these ideas and let me know what works for you! You can always call in to Keys for Kids Radio at 800-819-5437.

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