Moses and Aaron: Two Very Different Priests

If you follow God, did  you know you’re one of His royal priests? It’s a pretty important job, so let’s learn more about it from the Bible.

Part 1: YOU are a ROYAL Priest!

Part 2: MYSTERIOUS Melchizedek: The Priest-King

Part 3: Moses and Aaron: Two Very Different Priests

Part 4: David of Bethlehem: A Priestly King

Part 5: Jesus is Our Perfect Royal Priest

Part 6: God Has Called Us to be ROYAL PRIESTS

Even though they were brothers, Moses and Aaron were two very different examples of being God’s priests.

Moses gave his whole life over to God, even though he did make mistakes.

But Aaron created a golden calf for the Israelites to worship, at the same time Moses was talking with God on the mountain!

There’s more to learn about God’s royal priests, check out the video:

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