Advent Cards Day 17: The Most Important Gift

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Austin woke with excitement and quickly jumped out of bed, wondering  what would be in the wrapped presents under the tree. “It’s Christmas Eve, Mom!” he said as he ran into the kitchen for breakfast. Austin’s family had a tradition of opening their gifts on Christmas Eve. 

Throughout the day, Austin made many trips to the Christmas tree to look at the presents. Just when he felt he couldn’t wait any longer, the evening meal was over and the family gathered to open presents. Austin got a book, a pair of jeans, a movie, and the thing he wanted most of all—a baseball mitt! 

Austin was already dreaming of summer when Dad reached for his Bible. “Let’s read about the gifts the wise men brought Jesus.” After reading the story, Dad said, “We’ve given gifts to show our love for one another, and we have a gift for Jesus too.” He rattled a shiny red tin that had money from every member of the family in it. Collecting a Christmas offering was another tradition in Austin’s family. 

It was Mom’s turn to read, and she read a passage from Second Corinthians. “Just like the people in this story who gave gifts to help the apostle Paul, you all gave money to be used for God’s work,” Mom said when she finished reading. “But the most important thing they gave Jesus wasn’t their money. It was themselves. They gave themselves to the Lord by remembering that He died to save them and submitting to His will for their lives. As Christians, we need to do that too. While it’s good to give money, it’s more important to depend on Jesus to guide us in doing His will and help us love others the way He does.”

Austin thought about that as he went to bed. He trusted in Jesus, but he hadn’t really given much thought to how Jesus wanted him to live. Suddenly he jumped up and ran into the living room. “I want to give myself to Jesus! I want to ask Him to help me love others and live my life for Him.” He grinned at his parents. “That’s the most important gift I can give!”

So how about you?

Have you given yourself to Jesus? That’s the most important gift you can give. As Christians, we must continually give ourselves to the Lord by depending on Him to help us do His will and show others His  love. Give Jesus the gift of yourself this Christmas, and trust Him to use your life to share His gift of salvation with others.

Key Verse

2 Corinthians 8:5 “They first gave themselves to the Lord.”

Key Thought

Give yourself to Jesus.

Further Reading

Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11; 2 Corinthians 8:1-5

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