4 More Fun Activities To Do This Summer

Now that summer break has started, it’s time to get serious about having some fun! Here’s a couple ways to get going:

  1. Get out your stuffed animals (or borrow a couple, if you don't have any) and put together a puppet show from behind the couch. Is your show going to be a space adventure? Or maybe scientists trapped at the bottom of the ocean? Or maybe it’s about going to grandma’s house, and crazy things that happen on your way there!
  2. This one may seem strange at first, but hang with me. Go outside, lay in the grass, and look at the clouds. Sounds like fun right? I'm just kidding around, there's more: try to figure out what each cloud looks like and give each one a name. Then Come up with ideas of what each cloud likes to do for fun and what trips they're taking this summer for vacation.
  3. Grab your favorite story book, but instead of reading the characters' names, put your name into the story, and make yourself a part of the book! It'll be like the adventure is really happening to you. 
  4. Take a glow in the dark bath: the next time you gotta get clean, put some glow in the dark sticks in the tub, turn off the lights, and try to soap up in the dark!

If you try any of these out, let me know how they worked for you! Send me a message about it here.

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