9 Ideas to Kick Off Summer Fun!

So today might be the first official day of summer vacation for you, and if it is, here are some ways to have some fun! (If you're not on summer break, just hold on, you're almost there!)

  1. Print off some coloring pages. But don't just color them normally; find all the people in the picture and turn them all into aliens!
  2. Go to the library and pick out 5 books to read. I know you just finished a lot of reading for school, but guess what! Now you can pick whatever you want, and there are a ton of great stories to find!
  3. Ask mom to mix some cornstarch and water, and see what kind of weird things you can do with it. Turns out, those two things together make fun, gooey mess 🙂
  4. Learn 3 new words in sign language. 
  5. Learn 3 new words in Spanish. If you learn the same words in Spanish that you learn in sign language, then you can say them at the same time you sign them. Double whammy!
  6. Make up 3 words in your own language! If you keep making up new words all summer, at the end you'll have your whole own language that only you can speak. Cool!
  7. Put together your own circus. You can create a high wire act with a piece or rope or string on the floor, and practice falling into a pile of pillows. If you have a cat, you can practice your lion taming act! And who doesn't love a good acrobat act in the pool?
  8. Ask for Mom or Dad’s permission and do some finger painting. You can just do random smears if you want, but I have a creative challenge for you: try to create your own made-up animal, paint what kind of house you will live in when you're grown up, and paint what people would look like if they had three arms and four legs!
  9. This one is maybe my favorite: have a sleepover in the middle of the day! Put on pajamas, make some popcorn, and watch a movie. Double the fun if you make a blanket fort in the living room to watch the movie in!

Try all these ideas and tell me which one is your favorite!


Inspired by the blog Toys in the Dryer!

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