Easy Advent Calendars

It’s not too late to get an Advent Calendar going for your family. There are so many fun ideas, garlands and chains, Christmas tree with bulbs, sweet treats or even just a jar to pull a verse out of each day. If you’re short on time all you really need is a bunch of numbered envelopes that you can post on a wall…done.  

If you’re looking for a printable advent calendar that points to Christ, Danika Cooley has a really nice one that’s pretty cheap (tap here).  

Or maybe try “The Wonder of the Greatest Gift” by Ann Voskamp. It’s a lovely advent book with a pop up tree and ornaments you can put on the tree each day.  

The important thing is not the “how” but that we are all intentional as we spend time with our families and tell of the greatest story ever! 

The Countdown to Christmas begins on December 1st on Keys for Kids Radio. And as always don’t miss our great Christmas music and programming the whole month of December!

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