Ever Hear Of Christmas Camping?

No matter what the weather you CAN go Christmas Camping! It just might have to be indoors 😉

Yes, grab some blankets, make a tent by the tree, add some extra Christmas lights inside it, and light a fire in the fireplace and roast your marshmallows. It will be a tradition that you will love! For more tips on how to pull this off see Andrea’s Notebook post. And if it’s warm where you are at you can always camp outside! No snow needed.

Have you ever slept by the Christmas tree?  Or made s’mores in the microwave? Share your story with us and a picture of your Christmas campsite at [email protected] to be featured online!

Countdown to Christmas is on it’s way to Christmas Day on Keys for Kids Radio with a ton of special Christmas programming.  And we have even more Fab Family FUN ideas all month long (download the full checklist here).

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