Some Kids Make Their Own Toys!

Isn’t it great when you have a little bit of birthday money and you can go to the store and get a new toy to play with? It’s always really exciting to see what you can make it do. But not every kid around the world can get toys from the store. Instead they have to make their own toys. 

Ugandan girls fashion their own dollsUgandan girls fashion their own dolls

When you're in the homemade toy business, you really have to get creative when you look around for stuff to make toys with. In eastern Uganda, girls make dolls out of banana leaves. Warsito and Ade in Indonesia make their own stilts to play a game called “egrang”. “It's an exciting and unique game, and I love playing it,” Warsito says. “You can tell when a child is an expert in playing this game. He or she must have a good sense of balance and high skill to play it.”

Tyrel from Dominica makes lots of his own toys himself,  “I loved playing with toys, but my parents were not always able to afford them, and the ones that they occasionally bought did not hold together for long.” Nollan in Honduras makes one he calls the Trapeze Artist. He makes another one just once a year, and sometimes he even lends it out to his friends and family.

A nonprofit organization called ChildFund has collected 350 of kids' homemade toys to show people everywhere why toys are important. Think about it, when you play with toys, you're making up stories, solving problems, and lot of times making new friends, right? All that is important to know, and toys help you do it!

Source: NewsUSA

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