Pilot Flies Baby Chimps to Safety – in his LAP!

What do you get if you mix a human baby, a cat, and throw in a little wild animal for good measure? You’d get a baby chimpanzee!

In the Congo in Africa, poachers capture wild chimp babies to sell them illegally, so rangers have to find and rescue the babies and send them to chimp rescue shelters.

But how do the chimp babies get from the rangers to the shelters? It’s a long way.

Let me introduce Anthony Caere, he’s a small planes pilot that works in the Congo, and he flies the baby chimps where they need to go.

But flying is kinda scary, so he lets the babies sleep on his lap in the plane! Even when they’re on the ground, Anthony takes care of them kinda like they’re human babies, he carries them around and everything.

Check out Anthony’s job:

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