Countdown to Christmas with Merry Christmas Musicals!

I hope you've been listening to and loving all the musicals on the Countdown to Christmas! We've got lots more to come, and you can see when they'll play on Keys for Kids Radio here.

In the meantime, check out the musicals playing this week on the lead up to Christmas! Only 4 days away!


The Next Noel (11 am and 7 pm EST)

The story continues one year later with Leon.  And this year he is directing the Christmas Pageant with a lot of grand and lofty dreams. 

Good News Ahead! (8 am and 4 pm EST)

Come along on this adventurous tour to Bethlehem! Your tour guide, Mr. T, is geared up and ready to guide his group of students through the various parts of a living nativity.

All I Want for Christmas (1 pm and 9 pm EST)

Lindsay finds the true meaning of Christmas with her cool new toy friends who come alive and help her.


The Joy of Christmas (11 am and 7 pm EST)

It's easy to be distracted by so many good things at Christmas but this musical will remind us that the joy of Christ is the greatest gift ever.

VeggieTales' Incredible Christmas Tree (8 am and 4 pm EST)

It’s a Veggie holiday audition and the judges are ready.  Who will be chosen to sing as the star at the top of the living Christmas tree?

Finding the Christmas Star (1 pm and 9 pm EST)

Join the students at Douglas Fir Elementary School and their teacher Miss L. Toe for their annual Christmas Star Competition.


The Christmas County Spelling Bee (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Christmas Spelling Bee fun is had as our friends focus on spelling the names of Jesus from Isaiah 9:6.

C.A.K.E. Christmas Acts of Kindness (8 am and 4 pm EST)

It’s Christmas break but the teacher gave homework! Along the way, a group project becomes much more to a group of kids than they could have ever imagined.

Christmas in Reverse (1 pm and 9 pm EST)

Christmas in Reverse starts at the manger then “rewinds” to give details on the events leading to the first Christmas discovering God’s reason for sending Jesus.


Christmas Carol Pt 1 (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre’s version of a Christmas Carol.

Meet Me at The Manger (8 am and 4 pm EST)

The gang goes from Herod’s department store to a Christmas party at the Lighthouse Mission and learns about what it means to lay down our wants along the way.

The Little Drummer Dude (1 pm and 9 pm EST)

Meet the up-and-coming Persia’s Traveling Band who are out on “their biggest tour yet!” with their little “roadie” Abel.


Christmas Carol Pt 2 (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre’s version of a Christmas Carol.

Behind the Manger Scenes (8 am and 4 pm EST)

Exciting things are happening in the small town of Bethlehem and two siblings take a “behind the scenes” tour of what’s going on!

David's Dynasty (1 pm and 9 pm EST)

On the hills outside of Bethlehem, a family of inquisitive, energetic shepherds discovers the meaning of being part of the royal dynasty that will bring a new king. 


Hotel Noel (11 am and 7 pm EST)

To the joy of the hotel management, Hotel Bethlehem has reached capacity. Then, out of the darkness of Bethlehem, there appears a young carpenter looking for a room.

Christmas in Black and White (8 am and 4 pm EST)

Come take a visit to the Polar Pet Park to visit some really “cool” penguins who help Miss LaToe’s class remember what Christmas is all about.


The Christmas Cupcake (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Noelle and three friends from her church have been randomly selected to appear on the Yum Yum Foodie Network.

The Wonder of Christmas (8 am and 4 pm EST)

Follow the story of a skeptical boy named Tommy who questions the significance of Jesus’ birth.

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