Is Jesus in the Old Testament?

If I asked you when was the first time Jesus shows up in the Bible, when would you say that is? Probably in Matthew or Luke when He’s born, right?

But there’s someone who shows up a whole bunch of times in the Old Testament who is *probably* Jesus!

If you ever read “the angel of the Lord”, there’s some good reasons to believe that’s Jesus, just pre-birth on earth. 

He’s different from a regular angel, like Michael or Gabriel, because those kinds of angels refuse to accept any kind of worship from humans, and direct it to God.

The angel of the Lord in the Old Testament accepts that kind of praise, plus He speaks as God would, saying stuff like “I will give you many children”, or “I will give you this land”.

If this sounds a little confusing or maybe a little too “out there”, here's a video from the Bible Project about this, they explain it really well:

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