Doing THIS keeps Keys for Kids Radio on the air!

When you turn on Keys for Kids Radio, we love to be there for you, all the time, to play rockin’ Christian music made just for you!

But there’s always a chance that you might try to listen, and you won’t be able to listen to Keys for Kids Radio anymore! Why?

We’re able to provide Keys for Kids Radio for free because families like yours see the value of biblically-based music and stories and are willing to support us financially.

It costs nearly $500 per day to produce the Keys for Kids Radio live stream and create radio shows like Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and Red Rock Mysteries.

That’s why we rely on listeners like you to support Keys for Kids Radio, and in the video below, Dylan explains more:

Video transcript:

Keys for Kids Radio exists to ignite a passion for Christ and kids and their families.

We do that by giving kids a safe place online where they can listen to the best Christian kids songs, music and radio shows that are made just for them.

Now, most of our listeners are in the United States, but we know that we’re reaching kids and families all around the world in places like Russia and Korea, Japan and China. We even have over 2000 listeners in Iran!

Now, one aspect of keys for kids radio is taking the printed keys for kids devotional and turning it into audio, which is broadcasted by hundreds of radio stations and families listen to it via podcast and our Keys for Kids app.

Stacey is a mom who wrote in this with her donation: “We start our ride to school listening to Keys For Kids. It’s a great devotional with a contemporary story that teaches biblical truth in a way that can even reach parents. It’s great for the whole family.”

And Nathan wrote in with his donation: “He says, we love making this our nightly family devotion time.”

These are just a few examples of how Keys for Kids Radio is helping parents reinforce biblical values to their kids.

Keys for Kids Radio is sharing the gospel right now with kids and families through our 24/7 internet radio station at, and through our radio shows like Down Gilead Lane, Parent Minute with Greg Yoder and the Keys for Kids devotional.

But we don’t want to stop there. We want to continue to grow Keys for Kids Radio by beginning to produce even more videos for kids. Video is such a strong medium that kids want to engage with.

And instead of having them watch videos from producers who don’t share our Christian faith, we want to provide parents with videos that are created on the same biblical basis that we already produce our audio content.

So partner with Keys For Kids Radio and help us ignite a passion for Christ and kids and their families worldwide.

Now, during this Week of Giving, we have a goal of raising $60,000, which is a huge goal. But we have a generous supporter of Keys for Kids who has agreed to double every donation that comes in until we reach our goal.

So that means if your family gives $10 that’ll be doubled to $20. If you give $100 they’ll double it to $200. And if you decided to bat it out of the park and give $1000 they’ll double it to $2000 until we reach that $60,000 mark!

You can double your impact when you support Keys for Kids this week. So join our mission, go to and give your best gift.

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