African Children's Choir!

We're so excited to have the African Children's Choir with us at Keys for Kids Radio today! Listen all day long for interviews with some of the kids and songs from the choir. Check out some pics right here from the day!

We had a lot of fun hosting the choir, and their songs were so beautiful! And a lot of fun. Be on the lookout over the next few days to see some videos of all that. 

Did you know that the African Children's Choir helps kids just like you back in Africa? These kids often don't have a safe place to stay, or can't see the doctor, or go to school. The choir made it their mission to get kids the stuff they need, and they do that by coming to the United States and other countries to raise money from caring people like yourself. You can read more about what they do at their website.


Getting ready to record the choir!

Singing “Amazing Grace”, very cool!

Love the smiles 🙂

They don't just sing, they dance too! Very cool to watch.

*Drops mic, walks away*

Uncle Charlie gave a puppet show, all about the importance of having God in your life as a Christian!

Really enjoying the show.

Kevin was one of the kids I interviewed for Keys for Kids Radio. 

And meet Ian/Esperit (Ian is his English name).

Winfred was kind enough to loan her voice for a little recording as well. 

And Sam got behind the mic too!

We had a fun time showing the African Children's Choir what we do here at Keys for Kids Ministries…not to mention eating some snacks and coloring!

Who doesn't love playing with frisbees??

Trying out the Keys for Kids app. 

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