Countdown to Christmas Musicals Week One!

Are you PUMPED UP for Christmas yet?? We are! Get into the Christmas spirit with tons of Christmas music and ESPECIALLY Christmas musicals! Here are this week's musicals on Keys for Kids Radio's Countdown to Christmas:

Tuesday: Felix Finds Christmas (11 am and 7 pm EST)

An orphan named Felix can’t help but long for a family to call his own, especially during the Christmas season.

Wednesday: Christmas S.O.C.C.E.R. Team (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Join the fun as the Society Of Christmas Carolers Emergency Rescue or “Soccer” team strive to save Christmas carols from extinction.

Thursday: A Tree Lot Christmas (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Follow a group of kids selling trees outside of Mr. Carmichael’s toy store to raise money for children in need.

Friday: Sendin' Out Love (11 am and 7 pm EST)

The Crossmark Christmas Card Factory is ready to premiere its new line of cards called “Sendin’ Out Love,” which focuses on the love of Jesus.

Suddenly, Dave Duckworth, Chief Marketing Director, enters to dash their plan. He decides the factory should produce “X-mas” cards leaving Christ out of Christmas because “everyone knows the manger-scene concept was great in the ‘50s and 60s, but is completely out of date today.”

Will the delightful cast of characters be able to convince Mr. Duckworth to change his heart and mind? Will he accept Jesus into his heart and find the true meaning of Christmas?

Saturday: Jingle Bell Beach (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Once again it’s that time of year when aspiring young vocal groups from all around the country make their way to Jingle Bell Beach for the famous Jingle Sing competition.

Sunday: The First Leon (11 am and 7 pm EST)

Leon tries out for every role in the annual pageant but finds that he’s the only one who doesn’t get a part even though his name spelled backwards is Noel. 

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