Advent Cards Day 13: Crybaby Christmas

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“This is the worst Christmas ever!” Stella told her brother. “Not only did we have to move because of Dad’s job, we have to live in this tiny apartment because we can’t find a house.” She groaned as she tripped over a box on her way to the couch. “There’s no room in here!”

Logan shrugged. “At least we have beds. When Mary and Joseph got to Bethlehem, all they could find was a stable. They probably just had straw.”

Stella sighed. “Yeah, well, at least they had the gifts the wise men brought them. We don’t have any presents to open tomorrow because we’ve been so busy moving that we haven’t had any time to go Christmas shopping!”

“Actually, the wise men didn’t bring gifts to Jesus right when he was born,” Logan said. “They didn’t come until later.”

Stella crossed her arms. “Well, at least they had the angels singing. I can’t stream any music because the internet here is too slow!”

“It was actually the shepherds who heard the angels singing—not Mary and Joseph.” Logan looked at his sister. “It sounds like you’re having a crybaby Christmas.”

Stella raised her eyebrows. “A crybaby Christmas?”

“Yeah,” said Logan. “You’re complaining about everything! If you stopped complaining and started singing, at least you’d have some music to listen to and one less thing to complain about!”

Stella threw a pillow at her brother’s head, but Mom came down the hallway just in time and caught it in midair. “Okay, you two. What’s going on?”

“Logan says I’m complaining about everything!” said Stella.

“Well?” said Mom. “Are you?”

Stella sighed. “Well, maybe. But everything’s a mess, and just because he’s not bothered by any of it doesn’t mean he can make fun of me!”

Mom nodded. “I know Christmas is a lot different for us this year, but we can still be joyful. When we remember that Jesus came to earth to save us and that He’s always with us, we can be joyful even when things are hard. He cares about our problems—and He wants us to care for each other.”

Stella and Logan looked at each other and smiled. Then Logan started singing “Joy to the World,” and Stella and Mom joined in.

So how about you?

Have you been rejoicing in the birth of Jesus this Christmas season? Or have you been too weighed down by problems to feel joyful? Problems can be hard to deal with, especially at Christmas, but remember that Christmas is all about Jesus fixing our biggest problem of all—sin. Remember that He came to earth to save you and is always with you, no matter what problems you face. Then celebrate Christmas with joy!

Key Verse

Luke 2:10 “The angel said… 'I bring you good tidings of great joy.'”

Key Thought

Be joyful!

Further Reading

Isaiah 9:6-7; Luke 2:8-14

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