The Blessing Jar

In the busyness of Christmas time, it’s easy to get tired and maybe a little grumpy. But be careful unless complaints start coming out of your heart and then your mouth! Yikes! Bad attitudes at Christmas or any time are not cool. And complaints can be pretty annoying. Kind of like this balloon…. 

So what do we do if we feel the grumpies coming? The best medicine for curing a bad attitude is THANKFULNESS. Try thinking of things that you can be grateful for.  

One fun way to help is to start a blessing jar to keep track of all the amazing things God has given you. As you go through December write down on small pieces of paper the good things that God has given you, both big and small. Eventually you’ll fill up the blessing jar and hopefully you’ve made thankfulness a daily habit at the same time. Win!  

**BONUS TIP**  If you find yourself annoyed and complaining, look around to see if you can help with anything! Life doesn’t always go perfectly, but offering an extra hand is always appreciated AND will give you a better attitude.  

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