FAQ: “When are the best times to listen to Keys for Kids Radio?”

“When are the best times to listen?”

There’s not really a bad time to listen! Some kids turn it on right away in the morning to pump them up when they’re getting ready for the day; some moms turn it on at breakfast time to have something encouraging to start their kids’ day; and many listen on the way to school or on errands; after school while doing homework; or just as they’re going to bed to help them sleep.

The nice thing about listening to Keys for Kids Radio is that you don’t have to just sit and listen. Like for example, when you’re watching a video, you’re just sitting and watching the video, and it’s a lot harder to do something else and pay attention to the video.

But when you listen to our audio stream, you can do crafts, eat lunch, work on chores, or play outside (Bluetooth speakers are great in that situation!). Keys for Kids Radio adds a whole other layer of fun on top of what you already do!

If you want to catch a particular radio show on Keys for Kids Radio, like Adventures in Odyssey, you can find it on our program schedule, which will show you when all of the shows play.

Next question, coming tomorrow: “Can I listen on my parents’ phone?”

Well, I hope that helps you get to know us here at Keys for Kids Radio a little bit better. I want to encourage you to listen to Keys for Kids Radio at a regular spot in your schedule, like every day when you’re on the way to and from school. We’re here to encourage you on hard days and happy days, and to grow closer to Jesus!

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