Try A Toy Purging Party

We all know it’s coming. The avalanche of toys that invade our houses every year at Christmas. This is part of the magic and fun but also a part of the stress.

Why not start a new tradition with a Toy Purging Party? It not only helps you keep control of the toys in your home (less stress) but also is a great opportunity to think beyond ourselves and give to others.

You can make this fun! Set up a tote for toys to give away and a tote for toys to keep to help as you go through all the toys. As you sort, talk about how not everyone has as many toys and how we can bless those in need.

Try to make a game of it! One toy for giving, one for keeping. Or let’s each find 10 toys to give that we don’t play with any longer. The point is to include everyone in the process so we don’t miss out on the blessing.

After donating to a worthy cause, maybe follow up with ice cream or a special treat for all your hard work. It may be hard at first, but hopefully everyone will see the results and learn that it is truly better to give than receive! (Acts 20:35)

Visit Mama Duck Shelley as she gives more tips on how to pull this off in a meaningful and Christmasy way.

Have mom or dad take a picture of you during your toy purging party! Then ask them to send it to us at [email protected] to be featured online!

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