Where Was Dylan? Death Valley National Park!

I hope you enjoyed hanging out with Dave for the past few days on Keys for Kids Radio while I was on vacation!

My wife and I went to Death Valley National Park, which is SUPPOSED to be the hottest, driest place in North America, BUT we got snowed on, we got rained on, and we froze our toes off! Not all the time of course, but it was really chilly some mornings.

Here we're on top of a mountain, looking down at the desert valley.

The scariest thing that happened was we got our car stuck on the side of a mountain and almost couldn’t get down without falling off the mountain! 

We were going up on this super narrow, twisty road with lots of rocks and holes in it, and we had to drive really slow. Eventually we got to a hole that was too big to drive over, so we had no choice but to go back.

This isn't where we got stuck, but we did get to explore some caves!

Another cave. This one wasn't safe and it was blocked off.

When I tried to turn the car around, it got stuck in a pile of rocks! The tires kept slipping and wouldn't grip and there wasn't enough room to go anywhere. We were really scared and we prayed to Jesus to help us get out.

We stuffed a bunch of little rocks under the tires and got the car turned forward again, and then I had to drive the car BACKWARDS down the mountain road! There was a place a little ways down with enough room to turn the car around and go down the mountain the right way. We were so grateful to God for getting us off the mountain.

It's a long way down if you slip! But VERY cool to see.

Also, there was this giant crater, just in the middle of the desert! It's called the Uhebehe Crater.

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