After You – Crack the Code Giveaway

Is it ever hard to let someone go first before you? We all have been there, waiting in line, really hot and hungry and impatient. At times like these it’s important to remember what Jesus tells us, to love one another and put others’ needs ahead of our own.

Wow! It’s not easy but practicing loving each other does help. Listen to what Asher Wild from The Wild Brothers has to say about it….

“I’ve been trying really hard every day to put others before myself, like not being the first one to get in line when a meal is prepared, not getting the best seat in the car, not getting the biggest piece of dessert, not grabbing the best fishing pole, and lots of other things. Now I find great joy when putting others before myself. It reminds me of the verse in the Bible that says it’s more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).”

You can read Asher’s full blog here.
And of course, we need a song to help us remember. How about The Newsboys “Love One Another”?

It’s a happy jam that will stick with you as we all try to be more like Jesus by loving each other! Cracking the “Others” code will help you have an amazing school year and beyond.  And it will make Jesus happy too!

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