FAQ: “What exactly is Keys for Kids Radio?”

So, maybe you’ve just found Keys for Kids Radio. I’m glad you’re here! Welcome! Or you’ve been listening for awhile (THANKS!!) and you’ve got questions.

Maybe you’re wondering, “What exactly is Keys for Kids Radio? When are the best times to listen? Can I listen on my parents’ phone?”

Great questions, let’s start from the top: 

“What exactly is Keys for Kids Radio?”

Keys for Kids Radio is a Christian radio station for kids on the Internet (we don’t have a radio frequency, but one day we’d love that!). We’re dedicated to bringing you the best faith and fun made just for you, all the time. We love Jesus and we want to help you love Jesus and learn more about Him. 

We have a live stream of Christian music and stories made just for kids that goes on all day, every day. It’s similar to turning on the radio in the car, and the radio stations there play music all day. Except we know that kids like you love stories too, so we also have awesome Christian radio shows like Adventures in Odyssey, Down Gilead Lane, Paws & Tales, and a whole bunch more.

In addition to the live stream, we also have a bunch of shows you can listen to on demand, which means whenever you want to. You can listen to Keys for Kids Down Gilead Lane, Red Rock Mysteries, The Pond, Kids Corner, and more, whenever! 

The on-demand section is great for getting caught up on that week’s episode if you didn’t catch it on the live stream. And yep, there’s one episode of each show to listen to each week, and the new episode starts at midnight EST every Saturday.

You can find out more about many of our music artists on their artist page here, and you can find out more about all our radio shows we play on Keys for Kids Radio here!

Next question, coming on Wednesday this week: “When are the best times to listen?”

Well, I hope that helps you get to know us here at Keys for Kids Radio a little bit better. I want to encourage you to listen to Keys for Kids Radio at a regular spot in your schedule, like every day when you’re on the way to and from school. We’re here to encourage you on hard days and happy days, and to grow closer to Jesus!

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