Three for One!


Come take a visit to the Polar Pet Park along with Miss LaToe from the Blue Spruce Middle School for a fun holiday school trip.

To help the kids discover the real meaning of Christmas, Paco the Penguin (who wears a sombrero); Pinky the Penguin (who wears a pink tutu); Puffy the Penguin (who just loves to eat); and Cody (who is an ordinary Penguin); are on a mission to make sure Miss LaToe's class gets the message and meaning of the real story of Christmas.

Christmas in Black and White, by Jeff Slaughter, today only on Keys for Kids Radio. 

2 . The Veggie Tale Singing Tree

It's a Veggie holiday audition, and the judges are ready. Who will be chosen to sing as the star at the top of the living Christmas tree? This album is a blend of sweet and snappy, heartwarming and hilarious Christmas fun.  A Very Veggie Christmas is coming to you today!

3. The First Leon

Keys for Kids Radio's Countdown to Christmas continues with the special The First Leon written by Denise and Nan Allen.  You see, Leon is… special. Ever since he discovered that his name spelled backwards is Noel, he's felt called to tell the world the true meaning of Christmas. But when he tries out for every role in the annual pageant, he finds that he's the only one who doesn't get a part.

Rejected, Leon understands better than anyone how Mary and Joseph must have felt when they heard the words, “No room” that night in Bethlehem. Without really trying to, however, Leon does uncover the true meaning of Christmas when he identifies the real Star of Bethlehem. They all learn a valuable lesson to always make room for Jesus at Christmas and all through the year.  

Check out our Christmas Program guide for air times.  We hope you join us!

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