Fave Song /// Sunday On Monday Question

Got enough sleep over the weekend? We just had Daylight Savings time again, so everybody got an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning! (I'm definitely in a better mood because I got more sleep.) I just hope your family remembered to set your clocks back so you got to church at the right time.

II hope you were paying attention yesterday. If you listened to Keys for Kids Radio, I gave you a head's up to remember what songs you were singing in church, and then you would be able to answer today's Sunday on Monday Question. It's a quirky little question I ask you here on Mondays about what you did yesterday on Sunday. So today, I want to hear from you, what was your favorite song you sang in church or in Sunday School?

Singing is a great way to worship God, to tell Him how much you love Him and how you appreciate all the good things He's done for you. Tell me your favorite song from yesterday by calling in to 800-819-5437 and telling me! /// Dylan

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