Tough Question

But, Why?

So say one day, you're reading the Bible with your parents, and you read a story in there, and it seems really weird or crazy to you. You ask, “Why would God do that?” That's what I was thinking when I read Genesis 22. This is the story where God asked Abraham to take his son Isaac, who Abraham loved very much, to a mountain and kill Isaac as a sacrifice to God. That seems really extreme! Why would God ask Abraham to do something like that?

Will Abraham Obey?

It was a test of Abraham's faith and obedience to God. God wanted to know if Abraham loved Him more, or loved his son Isaac more. God wanted to see if Abraham loved Him more than anyone else in the world, including Isaac. Abraham did love God, and trusted God to know the best thing to do. He brought Isaac to the mountain and was just about to sacrifice Isaac, but at the very last second, God stopped him. He provided a ram for the sacrifice instead, and Isaac lived. 

Like Jesus

God did something similar to this many years later, when He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins. We should be the ones to pay for all the bad stuff we did, but instead, God provided a sacrifice, His own Son, and now we can live, like Isaac did. You can find out more about what Jesus did for us in the ABCs of Salvation.

/// Dylan

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