How to Pray: Talk to God Like a Friend

Do you have trouble praying to God, like maybe you’re just not sure how to or what you should say?

You can pray to God wherever you’re at and even when you’re already doing something; you can ask Him for help with what you’re doing or tell Him about something you’re nervous about.

And if you want some more advice, you can use the P-R-A-Y method:

  • P” stands for “praise”, meaning you start your prayer by praising God, telling God what you love about Him.
  • R” stands for “repent”, asking God for forgiveness and for help to stop doing things that go against His commands.
  • A” is for “ask”, as in asking God to help you do better at school or sports, or to heal someone who is sick, or to save people who are in danger; pretty much asking for help in any kind of situation you're in.
  • And finally, “y” is for “yield”, listening for what God wants you to do, and then obeying Him.

Crossroad Kids Club made a great video about praying, including stories from the Bible of how people prayed.

Check it out:

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