ELEPHANT Busts Through Kitchen for a SNACK

What do you love so much that you’d bust through a wall like the Kool-Aid man to get it?

Apparently elephants love rice so much that they’ll visit your house to get it – and they ain’t using the front door!

In Thailand earlier this week, an elephant knocked a hole in Rachadawan’s kitchen wall with his head so he could slurp up those sweet, sweet carbs.

Rachadawan said that this elephant has a reputation in her community for causing trouble, and she said it had come sniffing around her house about two months before, but didn't cause any trouble then.

This time, she and her husband shooed the elephant away after it had gotten it’s 2 am snack

So what food is so good you’d bust down a wall to get it? Call 800-819-KIDS and tell me!

See the elephant taking his snack through the kitchen wall:

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