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I don’t know what this guy did, like strap a GoPro to the front or what, but he made the most intense LEGO train video I’ve ever seen.

Now a video about a model train maybe doesn’t sound that exciting, but you get the point of view of the actual train whizzing around the track.

And the guy who set it up, he’s got not just the one train but at least five other trains on the same rail system, and it goes through his bedroom, living room, out the back door, through the yard, over his pool, through the fence, over his neighbor’s pool, into his neighbor’s house, and all the way back again!

There’s tons of LEGO builds propped up around the track and two dogs that seem a little nervous that the LEGO train is taking over their house 😂

Watching this video on two times speed is definitely guaranteed to make you feel like a dizzy gerbil, so go do that for sure:

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