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F.A.I.T.H: For All I Trust Him

I Corinthians 13:7 “…[love] always trusts…”

Have you ever thought about who you trust? We probably would say we trust our parents, our friends, maybe our teacher or coach or next door neighbor. 

But why do you trust them? Because they have proved themselves to you over and over again. Your parents take care of you and love you. Your friends have your back and show you kindness. Your teachers help you learn and grow.

They aren’t perfect but they have shown you they can be trusted. 

The big question then is how do we trust God? We can’t see Him, feel Him or hear Him so how does that work? Maybe this video will help us figure this out…

Faith means to trust. Jesus would tell his disciples when they were afraid, “O you of little faith.”  It seemed to make Him sad when they didn’t trust in Him when the storms came. And I think it makes Jesus sad when we don’t trust Him either.

Little faith = worry  BUT  great faith = trust.

Watch how Cole learned to trust God when his dad was really sick:

Do you trust God? He’s got this and working things out for your good to help you grow even when you can’t see it. The next time you are afraid, remember to ask God to grow your faith and the trust will come. Remember, God is 100% trustworthy all the time!


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