Advent Cards Day 24: Temporary Connections

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Julie sighed in satisfaction as she looked at the Christmas decorations she had hung in her room. She had tried to tie a string from her closet door to her curtain, but the string wasn’t long enough, so she’d stretched her curtain into the middle of her room and managed to tie the string tightly around it. Bells and Christmas ornaments were meticulously strung along the string. It had taken her the better part of an hour to get it all set up the way she wanted.

A few minutes later, Mom walked in to close Julie’s blinds and noticed the string contraption and the curtain suspended parallel to the floor. “Julie?” Mom asked. “Will you please cut this string so we can close your blinds? It’s getting dark outside.”

Julie stomped her feet and wailed, “But it took me forever to tie that string!”

“I’m sorry, honey, but it can’t stay this way. Next time, make sure you’re connecting it to something that won’t have to move if you want it to last a long time.” Julie burst into tears and flung herself on her bed.

Mom sighed. “I understand you’re upset. When you’ve had a chance to process, we’ll talk about it.”

Mom walked out to the living room where Julie’s older brother, Dan, was working on building a ramp for his car and connecting it to the couch. “Just so you’re aware, you’ll have to take your ramp down before bedtime,” Mom told him.

“Okay, Mom. Why is Julie so upset?”

“I asked her to cut a string she tied to the curtain.”

Dan nodded. He had seen Julie stringing up her decorations earlier. “She spent a long time doing that.”

“I know. I explained if she wanted it to last a long time, she’d have to be wiser about how she set it up.” Mom sat on the couch to watch Dan build. “It’s a good reminder for how we should live our lives. The things of this world are temporary, but the truth and salvation of Jesus lasts forever! We need to build our lives wisely by trusting and obeying Him.” 

So how about you?

Are you building your life in a way that will last? The only way to do that is to trust in Jesus. (See “Have You Heard the Good News?”) Then live out His truth in your daily life. In today’s Bible reading, Jesus tells a story about a man who built his house on rock and another who built his house on sand. When the rain came, the house on sand washed away, but the one on the rock stood firm. Jesus is the Rock—build your life on Him.

Key Verse

John 6:27 NIV “Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Song of Man [Jesus] will give you.”

Key Thought

Build your life on Jesus.

Further Reading

Matthew 7:24-29; John 6:27-29

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