Feeling Down? Play the Random Acts of Kindness Game!

Have you heard of the phrase, “random acts of kindness”? That's when you do something nice for someone, just sometime during the day. According to PR Web, you can now play a random acts of kindness game. 

The Good Cards, via PR Web

It’s called “The Good Cards”. To start, you get buy card with a special code that you put into the app. When you do your random act of kindness, you give the other person the card, and they put in the code in their phone to join the game. Then they pass the card to another person after their random act of kindness, and the game keeps going. 

The Good Cards, via PR Web

The goal is keep adding more people to the game, so that more and more people are doing kind things for each other. It's like a long chain of being nice! 

The Good Cards, via PR Web

They have special missions and extra equipment to play the game, if you want. For instance, The Good Cards is working together with WATERisLIFE, a charity dedicated to bringing clean water to everyone who doesn't have it. Their special mission in the game gets players to help find ways to solve the problems that keep others from having good water to drink. Another example is the special mission wristband and Dreamers' Glasses. They each activate a secret mission at different points in the game.


Source: PR Web 

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