Grilled Cheese for Real Cheese-Lovers ONLY

If there’s one food in the world I love the most, it’s cheese. Cheese on pizza and bagels and crackers, Cheez-Its, shredded cheese, blocks of cheese, slices of cheese, cheese cubes, I love all kinds of cheese!

So when I came across a video about 4 levels of grilled cheese sandwiches, I had to watch it. Absolutely my favorite one was the professional chef because not only did he have slices of cheese inside the sandwich, he put a cheesy spread on top of it too! He also fried an egg inside the sandwich, which sounds delicious.

If you’re a cheese-lover as much as me, check out the video and you’ll also see the guy who put blackberries inside of his sandwich!

(Also, they only had 3 grilled cheese sandwiches in the video when there was supposed to be 4! What's up with that??!)

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