Get Out and Have Some Fun!

Do you get much exercise everyday? Maybe you don’t think about it much, but just running around and playing with your friends is a pretty good way to get exercise, and that’s important to be healthy. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, here’s some ideas to have fun (and some things you can look forward to when it's warm outside!):

  1. Ride your bike around your neighborhood 
  2. Go ice skating in the winter or rollerblading in the summer
  3. Play soccer
  4. Join a team at school like baseball or basketball
  5. Go swimming at the pool or in a lake
  6. Race your brother or sister to the end of the street and back five times
  7. Find a new sport to learn like tennis or bocce bal
  8. Ask mom or dad if you can ride your bike to the library
  9. Get some friends together and play tag at the park


What are your ideas to have fun and be active every day? Give me a call at 800-819-5437!


Thanks to Hooplaha for the video!

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