If You Were President, What Would You Do?

If you were the President, what would be the first thing you would do? Would you declare recess all day at school, or maybe you would never have to go to bed if you didn't want to? According to a survey in News USA, a lot of kids like you in developing countries say the first thing they would do is help more children go to school. 

A teacher tutors a student in IndiaA teacher tutors a student in India

This is really important to them, because the same survey found out that one out of every three kids went hungry at night at least once a week. Having an education is how they can find a good job in the future, or even knowing how to start their own business.

Maybe you don’t like going to school, but these kids see school as a way to get out of poverty, which means earning enough money to buy food and a safe place to live. More than half of the kids who were asked this question said they would send every child to school, make the schools better, and build even more schools.

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Source and photo credit: News USA

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