Why doesn’t this bike crash??

I know it’s just about the end of the school year, but hopefully you haven’t already forgotten all your math skills.

So tell me, if 1 apple + 1 apple = 2 apples, then what does ½ apple + ½ apple equal? One whole apple, right?

So if you have ½ a bike wheel + another ½ a bike wheel, that’s pretty much the same as one whole bike wheel. It’s bike math, it works 👍

That might seem like it doesn’t actually work out in real life, but this one guy actually built a bike with one whole wheel in the front, one half a wheel where the back wheel usually goes, and another one half a wheel sticking straight out the back with an extension!

It sounds crazy but he actually made it work, and it’s cool to seem him build it because he uses an arc welder, which is basically wielding lightning to fuse metal together 🤘

Check out the bike with two ½ wheels:

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