Question About the Bible

Study, Study, Study

You know, it's important to study the Bible. That way you can know what God says and how He wants you to live. But, the Bible is a big book, and it can seem like a lot to try. I've got some tips here to make it a little easier for you to get started:

Easy to Read

Ask your parents to take you to your local Christian bookstore and look at the different translastions of the Bible they have. Open a few of them up and see if they're easy for you to understand. Once you find one that you can read for yourself, ask your parents to buy it for you. They'll be impressed you found your own Bible!

Start Reading

You don't have to read a whole bunch at a time, especially when you start studying the Bible. (Try reading Psalm 119 in one day when you really feel like reading a lot!) You can start reading just a short paragraph or story at a time. Then when you've been reading for awhile, do more at a time, like a whole chapter!

What does that mean??

Sometimes, even with the best version of the Bible for you, you could run into a part of the Bible that seems really confusing and you don't know what it means. Write down where in the Bible you're reading, then ask your parents or a pastor what that part of the Bible is talking about. Trust me, nobody understands the Bible perfectly, so you won't be the first one with a question!

Repetition Reduces Resistance

One of the best tips I can give you: memorize verses! It seems like a no brainer, but it's really a great way to learn the Bible. When you go through something hard, like getting bullied at school or having a family member get sick, God can use the verses you memorized to remind you of how much He loves you.

It can also help you when you feel tempted to do something wrong. The Holy Spirit can bring those verses to your mind and help you remember why you shouldn't do that wrong thing. Personally, I've been memorizing Psalm 23, and next I might try memorizing all of the book of Philemon! That's a whole 25 verses 🙂

If you have some tips for studying the Bible, I'd like to hear them! You can call me at Keys for Kids Radio's studio phone 800-819-5437, just leave me a message with your first name and how you like to study the Bible.

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