Bible Land is BIGGER than the United States!

When you read the Bible, you begin to notice that the stories happen in a lot of different places. Places like Jerusalem and Bethlehem in Israel, Rome, Egypt, Damascus, Persepolis, Susa, Antioch, just lots and lots of different cities and countries.

If you haven’t traveled to all of those places, and most of us haven’t, then it’s hard to know just how big all of that area is. But maybe you’ve traveled across the United States and you know about how far away different cities are in the US.

So Matt Thomspson of the Ten Minute Bible Hour decided he would put a map of the places in the Bible on top of a map of the United States, to get an idea of how they compare. For example, the apostle Paul covered about the same distance as Lewis and Clarke did when they explored the western United States, except he did it about three or four times and Lewis and Clarke just did it once!

Or when King Nebudchadnezzar exiled a big group of Israelites from Jerusalem to Babylon, that’s about the same as hiking from Kansas City, Missouri to Louisville, Kentucky.

Check out the whole map and some other comparisons:

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