JESUS is our perfect ROYAL PRIEST

We’ve been exploring the theme of the royal priest that you can find all through the Bible, from Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, and even King David.

But none of them were perfect; they could only point forward to Jesus.

Part 1: YOU are a ROYAL Priest!

Part 2: MYSTERIOUS Melchizedek: The Priest-King

Part 3: Moses and Aaron: Two Very Different Priests

Part 4: David of Bethlehem: A Priestly King

Part 5: Jesus is Our Perfect Royal Priest

Part 6: God Has Called Us to be ROYAL PRIESTS

Here's one way that Jesus acted in His position as royal priest: A lot of the religious leaders during Jesus’ life were mad at Him because He did their job, but outside of their authority. But Jesus did have authority as God’s Son to do things like forgive people of their sins and restore their spiritual purity!

There’s a lot more ways that Jesus is our royal priest, and you can explore more about it:

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