This 7 Year Old Talks, and the Lego® Company Listens

Sometimes it feels like really big companies never pay attention to people like you and me, but once in awhile they listen if you can shout loud enough. 

Photo by Lisa Wade on TheSocietyPages.org (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US)

Charlotte Benjamin's letter to the Lego® Group

Charlotte Benjamin wrote a letter to the Lego® company saying that she wants more girl Lego® people to do cool stuff. The boy Legos® have jobs and save people and swim with sharks, but the girl Legos® just sit at home or go to the beach or shop. And you know what happened?

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Champion Lego baristas on the podium

After her letter was shared on Facebook a thousand times and on Twitter over three thousand times, the Lego® company created a whole new set of girl Lego® scientists, an astronomer, a paleontologist, and a chemist, and they had help from real-life scientist Ellen Kooijman.

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Boy and girl Lego people ready to play

The idea for this Lego® set came from the Lego® Ideas program, so it wasn't totally just in response to Charlotte's letter, but I'm sure she gave them a good push in the right direction!

Maybe you can even get some new Lego® sets made if you have a great idea too! Tell me what Lego® set you'd like at 800-819-5437.

Source: Lisa Wade on thesocietypages.org and lego.wikia.com. Header photo credit: “lego 40120 Seasonal Valentine's Day Dinner” by Lego Photo mureut via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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