New Toy vs YouTube Channel Poll Results!

Last Wednesday I asked whether you'd rather create your own toy or start your own YouTube channel, and the results are in!

Maybe not surprisingly, over 75% said they'd rather create their own YouTube channel. I totally get that because videos can be a lot of fun to make and share.

What kind of YouTube channels do kids want to make?

My favorite was from Jubilee, who said in a voice message, “I want a YouTube channel, and what are we doing on my YouTube channel? Telling people about Christ!”

“Clay” (maybe about making stuff from clay?)

“My life!!!!!!”, “LIFE” and “us and having fun”

And then “Horse and rabbits”, “NBA”, “dolls”, and “drone shots”!

What toys do kids want to create?

Thank you to Tefillah who called in with her idea for a toy! She said, “I would design a doll that you'd be able to control with a remote, and once controlling the doll, it would be able to sing, dance, and walk around.”

And one more toy idea from the poll: “A unicorn 3-in-1: a bedroom vacuum, a blanket, and a stuffed animal! Lol, not 100% a toy, but cool!”

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll and sent a voice message! Look forward to next Wednesday for another Would You Rather question!

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