The Bible Is FOR You, But It Wasn't Written TO You!

Did you know that the Bible wasn’t written TO you? It was written FOR you, but there’s a difference.

It’s like when you hear your mom telling your sister to clean up her room. Your mom isn’t telling you to clean up your room, but you can learn from that that your mom wants to keep the house clean and you can help by cleaning your own room without being told, and even cleaning other parts of the house.

And sorta like that, different parts of the Bible where written to the ancient Israelites or the Christians living in the city of Ephesus or city of Corinth or a lot of other different groups of people.

But just because those parts of the Bible weren’t written TO you, you can still learn about God and what He wants to teach you from the Bible. Matt Whitman has a lot more we can learn from:

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