Does Your Bible Say What God Originally Said?

I have a game for you: get your Bible, something to write with, and a piece of paper. Try copying one page from your Bible onto your paper, and then see how close you came.

How many mistakes did you make and not notice?

This is how the Bible was copied before computers and printers: scribes would make copies by hand, but they were way more careful than we would be about mistakes.

For example, when they finished copying a part of Scripture, they would actually count the number of letters of the original and their copy to make sure they matched. If they didn’t match, they had to go find the mistakes and correct them. They did that and a whole bunch of other things to make sure they made good copies.

So do you think the Bible we have now has all the right stuff that God wanted written down in the first place?

You can find out more about how reliable the Bible is with Matt Thompson and the Ten Minute Bible Hour: 

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